Traditional Turkish Towel - Sea Mist Blue

Traditional Turkish Towel - Sea Mist Blue


This is a traditional style peshtamel with one of the oldest patterns in an updated blue hue perfect for today's modern bathrooms. 70" x 40"


Made of the finest grade, hand-loomed cotton, our Turkish peshtemals are ultra-light, ultra-absorbent and ultra-soft. Their generous proportions enhance their versatility while their fine weave allows for a thin profile taking up less space in your closet or suitcase. These towels are perfect for home, travel, and trips to the beach. 


Artisan Story
Made in Turkey // We partner with a small factory in established in the small village of Babadağ to bring jobs and opportunities its residents. The village is comprised primarily of people over 50 who are skilled in the traditional handloom techniques. The result is our ability to bring you the highest quality Turkish towels while helping them maintain their traditional skills and way of life. 

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