Natalia Slim Earrings

Natalia Slim Earrings


These art deco inspired teardrop design earrings feature long, slim bone triangles with half moon brass accents embossed with scallops and finished with 18k gold-filled hooks. Their unique shape makes an elegant statement, but they can be easily paired with any outfit due to their neutral tones of white and gold. Bone is sourced from naturally deceased animals, so it's cruelty free. 0.6" x 2.5" x 1/8"

Artisan Story
Made in India // Urban Entrepreneurs

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  • Wash with mild soap and water. Polish brass detail and gold hooks with polishing cloth.


Like the remote rural villages of India, the sprawling urban centers present economic and social struggle for minorities, lower castes, women and the poor. Many children will run away from home to the cities for opportunity, only to be sucked into a continuous cycle of poverty. We believe that through fair trade the cycle of poverty can be broken, and the cycle of economic empowerment and education can take its place. We work with several projects focused on urban entrepreneurship, such as an empowerment group for women of the slums of Jaipur, and schools for poor and disabled children in Delhi and Gwalior. In all our artisan partnerships, dignified employment through craft, self respect, and education are top priorities.