Modern Mexican Decor

Modern Mexican Decor Moodboard

Modern Mexican Decor Moodboard

As we are preparing for our trip to Mexico next week I started gathering inspiration onto a Pinterest board and then created a moodboard, posted above, so I can focus on the types of things I will be looking for when sourcing for our Spring collection. I love modern Mexican decor because it incorporates bright colors but with a time worn patina. Bold hues are interspersed with earthen pottery and stucco. 

Some things I will be keeping an eye out for are Otomi tapestries, woven baskets, embroidered huipils, ceramic tiles and dishes, Mayan weavings and intricate cut-paper garlands.

Also, I am excited to just spend some quality time with Travis and our oldest son. It is exciting to be able to take him on trips with us.

Karli Kujawa