Square - Because sometimes you have to sell things IRL

Via Square

Via Square

Why Square?

You may wonder why an e-commerce site with Stripe integration would need to research credit card processing options for in-person sales. Well, thanks to new retail models like pop-up shops and events customers can experience Casa Verde goods in real life without us having to worry about the added expense and logistics of a permanent retail space. We have two upcoming events scheduled so far - a pop-up gallery event in Sawyer, Michigan August 28 and the Dose Market in West Loop, Chicago on September 25. Because we wanted to be able to sell our goods on the spot we needed to find a portable credit card processor. We started using started using Square just after they launched in 2010 with another business and it was a game changer. The ease of set-up, use and payment was revolutionary then and is still great today which is why we ultimately decided to go with it again, but only after doing our homework.

Images from Squareup.com

Images from Squareup.com

The Competition

As with everything for a new business we made sure to look at the competitors in the space.

Stripe - We use them for our online payment processing, but their real-world payment solutions are not very robust. They integrate with a couple of credit card processing apps, but we did not want another system in our transaction flow.

Paypal Here - To be honest, I didn’t look very hard at Paypal. We have had issues with them in the past and their credit card equipment is bulky and costs more up front.

Chase - We use Chase for our business accounts and they have very robust business services. Their credit card processing programs are not targeted at customers as small as us. They require more integration, maintenance and upkeep than we are willing to do now.

The Details on Square

The advancements in technology since our initial experience make Square the leader in this category, plus it still just works which is our number one priority. The original magstripe reader that plugs into your smartphone’s headphone jack still works fine, but we also wanted to be up to date in the payment world. Square has a portable contactless payment, chip card reader and mag strip setup that lets you take every type of payment quickly and securely. Their rates are competitive and I really can’t say enough about the ease of setup, use and payment. You can learn more and sign up on their site - squareup.com

If you are in the Chicagoland / Southwest Michigan area come by one of the upcoming events to see us do our thing in person or drop us a note at hello@shopcasaverde.comYou can find us online anytime at: