The Shop is OPEN! And, a lesson in PR...

I know it has been awhile since our last post. I am disappointed about that since it is my plan to post once a week, but we have been quite busy preparing for the shop opening, working on advertising and PR and shipping out our first orders. I have worked in advertising for the past 13 years or so and have met a lot of talented people along the way who were gracious enough to guide me with the launch of Casa Verde. One of those brilliant resources is Rebecca of Homemaker's Habitat. Rebecca is a veteran writer and publicist who now works as an independent consultant and food blogger. We were planning on casually opening the shop at the end of September and she said, "No, no, NO! You need enough time for the long lead publications to consider you for their December issues." For those of you not in the know (as I was not) December issues are the gift guide issues and a gold mine of exposure for shops like Casa Verde. 

So now we had to kick it into gear. Along with taking inventory of all our products, taking photos and getting them onto our site we also had to work on a Holiday 2016 Gift Guide to send out to publications even though it was July at the time! At least when it comes to art directing a photo shoot I know a little more about what I am doing. And, I know to call on other brilliant friends like the insanely talented photographer, Sylvia. But she deserves her own post. Because of Rebecca's guidance and skill we were able to secure an inclusion in Rachael Ray Everyday magazine for the December issue! Plus, we are talking with a number of other publications about various different story ideas. 

Cover of Our Holiday 2016 Gift Guide

Cover of Our Holiday 2016 Gift Guide

After a whirlwind of photoshoots, copywriting, setting up the site and a million other little things the shop is live and we have even had a few sales! There are still many things I would like to finesse, items I need to get on the site and more photoshoots I would like to have to better showcase our amazing products and makers, but I am trying to embrace the concept of the tech start-up world which is to go live with your most viable product (MVP). From that point you can learn from your users and data, gain traction and exposure, make tweaks and learn as you go. It is not easy for a perfectionist like me, but that is the whole point of going on this adventure and trying to build a life that fits me and my family, not fit myself into someone else's idea of success.