What's In My Carry-On

As Travis and I prepare for our trip to Santorini and Istanbul, I have been getting more and more nervous about the flight over there. I am not afraid of crashing or anything like that, but being in a confined space like that for so long makes me very claustrophobic. I started thinking about items I would need in my carry-on bag that would make me most comfortable and wanted to share them with you.

1. Tote ($95) // I love all the patterns from Bookhou, but am especially fond of the triangles. This hemp canvas tote with waxed canvas bottom and leather handles is roomy enough to hold all my essentials, all the while looking completely stylish.

2. Sleep Mask ($10) // Sleep can be a challenge for me, especially on a plane. I need something comfortable to block out the light and movement of the people around me. This 100% natural silk mask does the trick.

3. Travel Wallet ($113) // This gorgeous handmade travel wallet from Emili Studio holds all my essential documents including passport, credit cards, tickets, ID and money. It comes with a matching luggage tag. 

4. Blanket Scarf ($65) // A blanket scarf is so important because it keeps my neck from getting stiff due to the strong plane fans, and when I'm ready to sleep it doubles as a light blanket. Plus, this handprinted Aztec patterned one from Ichcha will complement all my outfits throughout my trip.

5. Neck Pillow ($23) // Another necessity for my quest to get some sleep on a plane is this memory foam neck pillow. It has a soft, washable velour cover for comfort and a travel bag that compresses it into a nice little ball for easy storage. 

6. Book ($5.50 used) // Having two small, active boys I don't have a ton of time for personal reading. When I started down this path of redefining my life and career I heard a lot of good things about Small Giants. I am excited for the time on the plane to relax, read and hopefully learn something about myself in the process.

7. Slippers ($35) How cute are these Moroccan leather slippers??? They come in a ton of different colors and styles plus they are handmade and Fair Trade certified. That makes those trips to the bathroom a whole lot more comfortable.

8. Travel Journal (varies) // Megan, the talented artisan behind The Binding Bee, makes one-of-a-kind journals from reclaimed leather and handmade paper. Each one is tailored just for you and can include maps of the places you are visiting, sketch paper, various closure styles, and many different colors of leather. It is so nice to sit down a few months after a trip and read through all the little details and adventures that make it such a special memory.

9. Hydrating Face Mist ($16) // Air on a plane can be SO drying and harsh on your face. That's why I throw this 2 oz. bottle of Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist from Herbivore in my carry-on. It is completely natural with coconut water for hydration, hibiscus flower for rejuvenation and rose petals to tone. I walk off the plane feeling refreshed. 

10. Ear Buds ($25 ON SALE!) // These ear buds from Symphonized are handcrafted with natural wood for superior sound quality and noise isolation you need on a long flight. Plus the tangle-free cord comes in a variety of fun colors. It comes in an eco-friendly pouch with 6 pairs of silicon tips for a comfortable fit. 

Hopefully these items (plus maybe a glass of wine) will make my trip from Chicago to London to Santorini a little more bearable. What do you pack in your carry-on?